Starting the brewery

Finding a brewery location

Probably one of the most difficult things we have run into when deciding to start a brewery was finding the location. We called signs we drove by and went online and looked at loopnet mostly, but it was tough to actually find a Realtor that would even work with us and our budget. Our initial budget was $1000 per month and we wanted about 1500 square feet. We finally stumbled across a real estate company, Hakes Real Estate, they worked with us and answered all of our questions.

We have been working with Hakes for about 3 months now and have finally found a great location in North Kansas City. We have found working with the city and county has been really easy and hope that our licensing will be just as easy. Choosing a town that is welcoming to your business is a must, we decided to stay away from KC Missouri because of potential issues getting a liquor license and the cost of the license fees.

We are working on finalizing our lease now and hope to have that completed in the next week or so. The property will be over 2500 square feet with 16 foot ceilings and room to expand later on. We have to do a bit of build out for it to do what we want but it looks really promising. It is also sharing a building with a new BBQ restaurant that hasn’t opened their doors yet. Needless to say we are wicked excited and hope to disclose the location to everyone soon!