Brewery Licensing / Starting the brewery

Construction, Licensing and more Construction!

We wanted to give everyone an update to their questions about where we are in the process of starting this brewery! It is a slow process but we think we are still on track for February or March 2012. Plus, with our online store open and merchandise getting ready to leave our garages next week we should be able to re-focus our energy back on licensing and getting the building ready for business.

So far we have:

  • Floor drains and sewage lines added
  • New HVAC system on our roof
  • Door hole cut in the side of the building
  • Floor etched with acid to get up oil while simultaneously exposing more crap
  • Drank some beer
  • Got a bond for sales tax
  • Walls power-washed
  • Ordered all our equipment
  • Ordered all our merchandise
  • Cried a little bit
  • Drank a lot of beer
  • Applied for our federal licenses
  • Insured a lot of things
  • Got a bond for brewing
  • Built a website
But most of all we have discovered starting a brewery is really hard but fun if you drink while you do it!

This weekend we are having the ceiling painted and will start building lots of walls next week.