Brewery Construction

Making of a Cold Room Part 1

Some people have been asking us how we are building our cold room, or cooler, for the brewery. We are going a different route than a lot of breweries because we wanted to maximize our space but minimize the hit on our budget.

So we opted to use a CoolBot device that we found online. The basic’s of this is that we will have a large window AC unit and we will attach the CoolBot to it to allow the air conditioner to cold the room down to 38 degrees. To do this correctly we need to also create a tightly insulated room.

Like all our construction, we opted for metal studs because of how easy they are to work with. Below are some pictures of the start of our construction. We are opting to use 1/2 inch ridgid foam (R-3.2) on the outside, non-fiberglass batt on the inside and then at least 1 layer of 2″ ridgid foam (R-10) on the inside as well. There will also be insulation on the floor.


Using Liquid nails to attach an outer layer of foam to the studs. 


Back wall is up with a spot for a 24,000 btu air conditioner


Other side of cold room (reflective surface)