Brewery Construction / Starting the brewery

Slow and Steady Build Out

We have been busy to say the least. Here’s the latest update. We have most of our walls built, that includes bathroom, hallways, taproom and cold room. We still have the office and then we are going to start on the electrical.

We are confident that our beer making skills are better than our dry wall skills! But we are getting better at putting up drywall, check out the progress so far.

Here is where the bathroom and hallway is going to be. This picture is about 8 hours old, so there was more progress made on it than is here. But this is a good first look. The picture is being taken from the where the bathroom will go. If you look close you can see a wall getting built above the freezer. The freezer is actually where KC Smoke Shack BBQ stores some of their things. We are literally connected by this hallway.