Brewery Equipment

Our new fermenters and bright rank have arrived

We just received the last major piece of our brewery setup. We got (2) 2 bbl jacketed stainless steel fermenters, a 4 bbl jacketed ferementer and a 4 bbl bright tank.

After ordering them over 3 months ago, they finally arrived in crates from Stout Tanks in Portland, OR. They did a great job getting us what we wanted including a customize bright tank that has wheels so we can get it out of our cold room to clean it easier.

We will make sure to get some more photos up once we get them completely out of the crates.

All of our tanks:

nano fermenters

4 bbl bright tank with wheels

2 bbl bright tank

4bbl jacketed fermenter:

CAM00226[1] CAM00227[1]