Brewery Construction / Brewery Equipment / Taproom

Lots of Construction Updates…

We’ve been making lots of progress trying to get things close to finished. In the past two weeks we have:

  • Finished cleaning and putting epoxy on the brew floor
  • Tiled taproom floor
  • Added bathroom plumbing and hot water heater
  • More electrical progress
  • Stained and cut trim boards
  • Hung doors
  • Assembled tables and chairs

Here are some pictures showing the progress and process:


Epoxy on the floor:

Mixing the two part epoxy — lots of silvery bubbles. The smell was horrible at first, then we stopped noticing and started feeling pretty good 🙂


Spreading it on the floor.

Rolling on

crappy floor

Final results


Bathroom Fixtures:

Bathroom Fixtures


Tile in the Tap Room

7 girls, 720 square feet and 2 pallets of 20 inch black tile looks great! Thanks so much to Jen, Nancy, Charity, Wendy, Andrea, Lindsay, and Mike (not a girl) for getting this all done for us it looks amazing.


End of day one

clean floor

Doors are hung:

Thanks to Tom we were able to get 7 doors hung. Man those things are heavy!

door stain and hung

Hung door

Tanks finding a home and chairs started to be assembled

The lightest tank we were able to move by hand, the others we pallet jacked into place.


2bbl kettle

The biggest tank is still stuck on a pallet waiting for a better plan 🙂

tanks finding a home