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Brewing system and taproom updates – Brewing next week?

It seems like the process of starting a brewery is taking forever, but we think we finally see an end!

The brewing system is operation, our glycol chilled fermenters will be by week’s end and we have all the grain, yeast and cleaning supplies. So what’s taking so long you may be wondering?

Most of starting a brewery is permits and construction. Two things we aren’t particularly experts at, but now that we are near the end we are getting better! We have our final inspection in North Kansas City next week. Once this is approved we should be ready to apply for our last wave of permits at the city and county level.

KC Smoke Shack BBQ is just about ready to open as well. Be sure to check them out since they are right next store and have great BBQ. Check out their recent article in the KC Star (we get mentioned as well).

We haven’t posted any pictures in a while, here is the latest from our tap room. We have the window in place to see into the brewery floor along with the red lights along the top of the wall.

taproom lights