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Keezer Construction for Brewery

Many people have been interested in knowing how we put some of our components together, such as our air chilled tap system. As promised, here are some pictures of the first version of our setup. It is a 24 cubic foot freezer that we turned into a “Keezer”. We use an air blower to force cold air out of the freezer through our taps on the other side of the wall and then return the air to the freezer itself.

By using the cold air, we are able to get cold, consistent pours. We can fit about (6) 1/4 bbl kegs or (9) 1/6 bbl kegs at a time. It isn’t pretty (except for our Perlick flow control taps) but works well. Keep checking back, we will make our final post on our cold room construction, glycol system and keg washer (v1 – v4).
Air pusher

inside keezer


Perlick Taps