Grand Opening Weekend Recap

Our grand opening was a huge success. Thank you to our friends and family who volunteered and made this weekend and opening a possibility. We couldn’t have done it without all of your help and support. Also, thanks to the Tour de Brew  riders who came to visit us for our opening day festivities. Overall, we served over 500 people this weekend.

Here are this weekend’s highlights, also please send us good/bad feedback to

Founder’s Club & Mug Club Events

The Big Rip had private tasting for both our Founders and our Mug Club members on Friday and Saturday night. During these events we were able to work out our service kinks, get feedback on the beer and hang out with all the people who supported us along the way.

mug-club event-board

Grand Opening

We had a stormy start of the day. Tents broke and riders took shelter in the brewery which was a good excuse to start drinking at 7am. When it cleared up the rest of the riders arrived, 700+ in all. We had a blast giving out samples of our Coffee Porter and snacks.

Tour de Brew


After the riders from the Tour de Brew had moved on our taproom got packed with thirsty customers. It was great having so many people stopping in to be a part of our opening day. We are so lucky to be a part of the Kansas City community.



Good and Bad Feedback Needed

We also appreciate all the feedback we have been given from the beer community. We have had a lot of great reviews and some suggestions for how to make them even better. We want to make amazing beer and we plan on improving our June brews by using more water treatments and better filtration as well as implementing some new processes. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please email us at