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Opening a Brewery is a Learning Experience – The Good and the Bad

Now that the brewery has been open about a month we wanted to share some things with all our supporters. Many of you know that we were simply home brewers that had a dream of sharing our hobby and trying to support our local community while doing it.

We are learning as we go and hope all of you will continue to enjoy our beer while we continue to get more experience. Over the past few weeks we have implemented lots of changes and figured out many things. Who would have guessed that some fly traps would smell like rotted corpses, we apologize to anyone that came in that afternoon!

In the past month we have learned that:

  • The KC Beer community rocks. We suspected this to be true, but seriously, KC is a great place to open a brewery and your support doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Our water filtration on day-one wasn’t nearly robust enough. We have replaced it with a bigger, better system and have also implemented new water treatments and testing schedules.
  • Keezers (keg freezers) work well but your beer is only as good as the beer lines you use. This new system is glycol cooled and should not impart unwanted flavors into the beer.
  • Taprooms get  LOUD! We have more acoustic panels to help with the echo, hopefully that will quite it down a bit.
  • Sometimes we run out of beer. We are brewing as fast as we can, we apologize for running out/low of your favorite brews.
  • Keg cleaning woes. We are using our 5th version of our home built keg cleaner. We like this one 🙂
  • Rain is good outside but not on a bar top. Our leaks should be fixed now.

So far the reviews from using our new processes have been really positive and we are very happy with the progression. As we continue to get more experience in both brewing beer on our system and the customer experience we hope that we will set the standard for small craft breweries in the city.

Cheers and we hope to see you on the 4th of July for our first outdoor event.