The Big Rip Brewing Company Info

The Big Rip Brewing Company is a growing 4bbl brewery that opened in May 2013. The Big Rip is founded by two friends who caught the beer and wine making bug years ago and decided to throw in together to start this brewery. We don’t have goals of taking over the world or creating beer that only appeals to a select few. Instead, we want to create unique beers that appeal to both beer-nerds and people new to craft beer.

Tap room

Along with producing and serving our own beer, we also serve liquor, cocktails, wine, and some non-alcoholic drinks in our taproom. Think of our taproom as a comfortable place where you can chill out. PJ Snacks Pretzels are available for purchase if you need a small bite. Dine in by ordering food from our Hawg Jaw BBQ Kiosk! 


Small batch production 

We are brewing small batches on a 4 bbl system that uses a custom computerized control system and glycol chilled fermenters to ensure we get the best results each and every time. What we lack in size we will make up for in quality and creativity. Our hope is that you will share in our vision of making The Big Rip Brewing Company a great destination in Kansas City.


Bring your own food or order BBQ from next door

We do not make food, however Hawg Jaw Que & Brew is next door and they will be happy to bring BBQ and other food over to you in our taproom. We also welcome patrons to bring food in, order a pizza from one of the great places that will deliver or simply drink your meal.

Local Support

We work regularly with local charities, keep an eye on our social media pages to see which charity events we may have coming up.  We have also partnered with a local farmer so that our left-over grain doesn’t go to waste. They use this grain to feed cows, chickens and as fertilizer.

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