The Big Rip Brewing Company strives to make a variety of unique beer. Our taps will be changing frequently and there will always be new beers to try.

Beers on Tap week of 9/10/14

  • Raspberry Gluten Free – Cross between beer and wine, slight tart finish
  • Kolsch – will be back on once Cherry Cheesecake is gone
  • Aisle 12 West Coast IPA – Dry hopped with Citra and Cascade
  • Hefe The Killer – Summer Version
  • Mr. Fancy Pants English Pale – Award winning english pale ale
  • Delta 88 IPA – Our hoppiest offering
  • Outlander Roggenbier
  • Hathor’s Sweet Brown – Flagship brown ale
  • Magic Hour Chai Milk Stout – using Hugo Tea’s Chai also made on the brewing system at Big Rip
  • The Kurgan Scotch Ale – Boozy and malty
  • 237 Milk Stout

Fermenting beer or soon to be on tap:

  • Boomstick Pale Ale
  • Vanilla Cream Ale

* These are the beers we have supply of at the start of the weekend. Beers may sell out or additional beers may be added during the weekend. 


hathors-bottle great-conjunction-bottle

* Our beers are not available in stores yet. The images above simply look cool!